Thom : L'inconvénient de The Bends était que tout ce que j'y ai écrit avait de la signification pour moi. (Rolling Stone, 16 octobre 1997)

Colin : The Bends was many things, but it wasn't really chirpy, was it? It was more like a darkness lumbering over the horizon with gun turrets strafing the Britpop hordes with misery... er, sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

Thom: It's all a reflection of us... It's cynical and nervous, and it doesn't make sense. And you get the feeling at the end of it that something's wrong, but you can't quite work out what it is.

Thom: Letęs get one thing straight, I did not write this album for people to slash their fucking wrists to.

Ed: When you've been playing that album for two years, you kind of want to get acoustic. We didn't want the second album to be the Radiohead rock album. Instead, we wanted to take it down a bit. We didn't want to do the obvious thing and put loud guitars in it.

Ed: A lot of people wanted us to write Creep part 2, and I don't know whether we could. There was a lot of serendipity involved (in having a hit). It kind of captured the mood of the times or whatever. We were very conscious of what we were doing. It wasn't conceptualizing, but there were definite ground rules that became evident at the beginning. We wanted to make an album of 12 really strong songs, and we ended up recording 22. People often don't expect that much from a group's second album.

Phil: People actually wanted this album from us, whereas people couldn't have cared less when we made The Bends.

Ed: It was only last year that people got The Bends; it took a while for it to sink in, whereas this has been almost instant.

La couverture est une photo retraitée d'un mannequin utilisé pour enseigner le bouche-à-bouche, trouvé à l'hôpital John Radcliffe d'Oxford, où Thom a travaillé en tant qu'intérimaire. Pour revenir ą la premiŹre page, 
cliquez lą. Dan Rickwood (alias Stanley Donwood): Thom and I only had three days left to do a cover and we just had a pile of images that were no good. We tried to find an iron lung at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford but we ended up in the room where all the medical students practice resuscitation - that face is the head of the man they try out the kiss-of-life on. Even though he was made of plastic he had this expression which was somewhere between agony and ecstasy which was just right for the record.
  SD: Those are both from a Japanese weather programme that Thom videoed. SD: That's some people walking down a street in New Zealand. But it's been heavily distorted so you'd hardly know. It's another urban scene. Radiohead are always interested in anything where technology interacts with human beings.
SD: Thom had this video of the triumphant return of soldiers after the Gulf War and there was this guy in it dressed as Captain America - but he had this huge paunch which just looked ridiculous. So we cropped out the stomach and blew it up. It was like a vague comment on patriotism. (en rouge)
SD: Those are the three colours that we also used on the T-shirts for The Bends.  
SD: That's a film of somebody being treated with those electric plates (defibrillators) that they use to try and get your heart started again. SD: That's a Japanese car salesman at work. Thom and I distorted it really heavily but you can still see the figures on the left. Thom's really fascinated by Japan because it's such a technological society.
SD: Those are both from a Japanese weather programme that Thom videoed.  

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