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  Kid A
Book and compact disc
Compact disc by Radiohead
Book by Stanley and Tchock
Nobody likes nothing
I certainly wish all my heart that it did not exist
But wishing is not enough
We live in the real world where nothing does exist
We cannot just disinvent it
Nothing is not comprehensible
Neither you nor I have any hope of understanding just what it is and what it does
It is hard to know if nothing is actually nothing
And thus difficult to know if a policy of doing nothing is succesful
However effective it may have proved up to the present
Can hardly continue to do so indefinitely
If I had to choose
Between the continued possibility of nothing happening
And of doing nothing
I would unquestionably choose the latter
Or the former  

Arctic Sea Ice
Arctic Ocean
Has shrunk by 6 percent since 1978, with a 14 percent loss of thicker, year-round ice.
Has thinned by 40 percent in less than 30 years.

Columbia Glacier
Alaska, United States
Has retreated nearly 13 kilometers since 1982. In 1999, retreat rate increased from 25 meters per day to 35 meters per day.

Glacier National Park
Rocky Mtns., United States
Since 1850, the number of glaciers has dropped from 150 to fewer than 50. Remaining glaciers could disappear completely in 30 years.

Antarctic Sea Ice
Southern Ocean
Ice to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula decreased by some 20 percent between 1973 and 1993, and continues to decline.

Pine Island Glacier
West Antarctica
Grounding line (where glacier hits ocean and floats) retreated 1.2 kilometers a year between 1992 and 1996. Ice thinned at a rate of 3.5 meters per year.

Larsen B Ice Shelf
Antarctic Peninsula
Calved 200 km2 iceberg in early 1998. Lost an additional 1,714 km2 during the 1998-1999 season, and 300 km2 so far during the 1999-2000 season.

Tasman Glacier
New Zealand
Terminus has retreated 3 kilometers since 1971, and main front has retreated 1.5 kilometers since 1982. Has thinned by up to 200 meters obn average since the 1971-82 period. Icebergs began to break off in 1991, accelerating the collapse.

Larsen A and Prince Gustav Ice Shelves
Antarctic Peninsula
Disintegrated completely in 1995.

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We will not hesitate to carry out what has been threatened
This is not over until absolute unconditional surrender
And complete meeting of all demands
There will be no further warning whatsoever
Airstrikes are eminent
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