Hail to the Thief Hail to the Thief
Hail to the Thief Hail to the Thief
Hail to the Thief Hail to the Thief
Hail to the Thief videos



C'est le nom donné aux petits films de trente secondes maximum qui remplacent, d'une certaine façon, les clips que le groupe ne voulait plus faire pour Kid A, parce qu'il considère que cela ressemble trop à des spots de pubs (et c'est vrai que parfois...). cf. plus bas pour l'avis de Thom à ce sujet.

Pour les télécharger, et lire des interviews des sociétés qui ont réalisé les blips avec Stanley Donwood et Chris Bran, allez voir, le site de Matthieu.

  1. everything in its right place
  2. kid a
  3. the national anthem
  4. how to disappear completely
  5. treefingers
  6. optimistic
  7. in limbo
  8. idioteque
  9. morning bell
  10. motion picture soundtrack

Il était prévu que le groupe fasse un clip pour OK Computer en entier, mais le projet a été retiré après le fiasco de Let Down.

Did you go from thinking that music videos were an art form in themselves...

I never thought that, no. They were never an art form.

They were always a trial?

No. Oh, maybe they were briefly... They're just cheap TV ads, they always were cheap TV ads. I mean, in the context of MTV, although we owe them a lot, the whole MTV thing and what it did to music, it doesn't really have that influence now, it just got way out of hand. And the videos got shit. And the thing that really did my head in was going home and turning on the TV and the ads for fucking banks and cars being more like MTV videos than the MTV videos, and it seemed like there was nowhere to go. So whatever the new aesthetic was would be in a fucking car advert a week later. So I became very disillusioned with it and it seemed like everyone who was doing the videos went off and sold their tushes for millions of quid and a lot of stomach ulcers. So, I mean, I guess it will always go on, but I had enough of it, really.

Was there a point, or did everything lead up to it being obvious that you could say no to those things? Did you have fight for it?

We were talking about it ever since we, especially Colin, got obsessed over not making videos and making adverts. Because the ads were more like the videos, so we might as well go straight to the source. You're lying if you're pretending that it's not a product, that you're not trying to sell something.

So, your whole approach...

It wasn't like we sat down and said, "How do we do things differently?" Necessity meant that we had to. It was quite stressful. You'd start with a great plan and end up doing something very different from where you started out.
Juice, 2000