True Love Waits
i'll drown my beliefs
to have you be in peace
i'll dress like you 
to wash your swollen feet

just don't leave
don't leave

and true love waits
It haunted all our days
and true love wins
on lollipops and crisps/hate

just don't leave
don't leave

i'm not living
i'm just killing time
your tiny hands
your crazy kiss and smile

just lonely, longing
just lonely, longing
premier live
version sortie
13 novembre 2001, I Might Be Wrong
27 octobre 2003, True love waits, Christopher O'Riley

La chanson a été jouée pour la première fois à la Luna de Bruxelles le 5 décembre 1995 (vidéo), puis 9 fois en tout (audio). Elle a déjà été appelée Mortigi Tempo ou Awaits.

Pendant la balance du Tibetan Freedom Concert (juin 1998), le groupe en a répété les premières mesures, et aussi le superbe riff de Jonny qui rythme la seconde moitié du morceau, et qui fait penser à la fin de Let Down. Mais rien de plus, ils ne l'ont pas jouée...

Elle sera définitivement sur le prochain album. Elle est dans la veine de Karma Police.
nowhere land unfortunately at the moment even though i keep thinking about it...
we dont know where to start having started so many times
message board, 12 décembre 1999
[...] this week we have cast the experimental net further afield to include material like 'true love waits' and 'feeling pulled apart by horses'. [...]
journal, 10/1/00 - 19/1/00
has been kicking around for about four years now and each time we approached it we seemed to be going down the same old paths... it actually sounds like the start of something now.
message board, 19 janvier 2000
Nigel Godrich
coming, coming..... we were doing that today actually.
message board, 19 janvier 2000

"I'll dress like your niece"

the difference between young and old when people start to dress sensible and act their age. this person is offering not to do that to keep the other. alles klarr?
message board, 26 janvier 2000
put 'true love waits' up again....this is a song which has been kicking around for four years or so, in fact we recorded a version of it when we were making the last album and this is something like approach number 561. but it is a great's simply trying to find a way of doing it which excites us. and we may have found a way, at the very least we've found a new approach ........ basically the track has the same vocal melody but the chords have changed underneath it. so we'll come back to it and see how it sounds. it may of course be utter crap and we have so lost the plot on this song...............please don't let that be the case........
journal, 9/2/00

Des sucettes et des chips.

i read an article about a child who was between 5-8 yrs old who was left on his/her own for a week in a house when his parents left on hoilday and he lived on lollipops on crisps. true.
message board, 1er avril 2000
We all know that the song was played for the first time in Belgium in 1995 and throughout the years the song has flown all around the Internet. We had confirmation on July 6 that this song was not going to be on the new album, right? The day after, I put a video of the song that was played in 1995 on my website and the day after that, there was a link to my site on almost every major Radiohead website (the sites that Radiohead themselves recommend to have the latest news, meaning Planet Telex, Green Plastic, etc...).
The day after that, my server exploded after receiving about 15,000 people wanting to download the video...
The day after that, the song was played by Thom in Israel in front of an audience for the first time in 5 years...
So is this a coincidence? I say Fuck No!
été 2000
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True love waits are you a virgin? every night we are haunted it paces up and down outside my room, it talks to me in its sleep. its in the tape going round and round. it stops and starts the tape machine. goes into record when it feels like it. just let it happen. just dont leave. dont leave. it waits patiently. mum left her 8 year old locked in for a week with lollipops and crisps. she had to work or forgot or something. stanley says. you, like everyone else need to feel important.