Innocents Civilian

la Blague. La chanson-qui-n'existe-pas, celle-pour-faire-parler-les-curieux, l'Opération Karma Police. Toutefois...

Nigel Godrich
ps. great new song 'Innocents civilian' (ask thom)
message board, 19 janvier 2000
[...] go on message board and someone asks us about 'innocents civilian'. so once we get off the web we decide to put up the master tape of it. can't find it anywhere which is incredibly strange. it's got to turn up.
journal, 7/2/00
Its a secret new song that isn't quite finished, but it sounds like one of those huge hits know like, classic rock sort of ballad. He gets a bit squiffy when I tell people about it just cos it's probably our strongest song at the moment.
message board, 8 février 2000
innocence, civilian is a fucking masterpiece the likes of which we have never up till now committed to celluloid
message board, 8 février 2000
[...] still can't find the master tapes to 'innocents civilian' and beginning to worry. worst case scenarios even being aired ie the u2 case when some of their rehearsal tapes went missing and ended up being sold as bootlegs. [...]
journal, 8/2/00
kkeep it. its yours we dont want it. i never did like the marching gunfire thing. a bit heavy handed.
message board, 17 février 2000

Ed said in a press conference in late May that this track was a hoax. It was actually one of their worst songs but as a joke Ed decided to write in his diary that it was one of the best songs they had ever done and that the master tapes were stolen. This was done to fool the press because they were following his diary closely.

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stand up.
sit down.
we can
wipe you out
. gentleman's agreement
among civilised men innocent civilians

a terrible shame
walk into the jaws of hell walk into the jaws of hell walk into the jaws of hell