I will stop
I wil stop at nothing
say the right things
when electioneering
I trust I can rely on your vote

when I go forwards
you go backwards
and somewhere we will meet

riot shields
voodoo economics
it's just business
cattle prods and the IMF

I trust I can rely on your vote
version originale
21 mai 1997, OK Computer
23 octobre 2001, Strung Out

La version live de 1996 se finissait par "doing it all" répété plusieurs fois. Il parait que de nombreux fans furent surpris et déçus de la version définitive. Ça a été enregistré dans leurs studios d'Oxford, Canned Applause. C'est un titre compliqué à jouer en concert, donc il est rarement joué live. Mais ils l'ont fait chez Jay Leno aux USA le 25 juillet 1997, et au Zénith de Paris le 18 octobre 1997. Electioneering est politique, mais elle parle aussi d'eux, voyageant autour du globe, obligés de vendre leurs disques aux gens.

We just came back from America. A day ago. So we're all completely fucked up. This is a song about America. It's a new song. Electioneering.
Nous revenons tout juste des États-Unis. Avant hier. On est complètement crevé. Voici une chanson qui parle des États-Unis. C'est une nouvelle chanson. Electioneering.
16 avril 1996, Paris
yyyyhngbgyntthy xgdf**electioneering

i will stop

i wil stop at nothiN.

say the riGHt things.

when electioneering.

i trust i can rely on your vote.


riot sheelds.

voodoo economiCks.

its just business.

cattle prods and the IMF.

i trust i can rely on your vote.
Nous vivons dans un système de banque mondiale et de média qui rend inutiles les gens au pouvoir. Les systèmes politiques dans le monde sont à la merci d'économies de commerce et de conneries. Je ne peux recycler aucun des emballages en polyethylène qui remplissent ma maison. Pourquoi ?
Nous ne sommes pas un groupe politique, mais nous sommes tous orientés politiquement. Une des premières choses dont je me souviens est l'accession au pouvoir de Margaret Thatcher, donc le seul fait que ça ait changé est révélateur en lui-même. On a fait une putain de fête cette nuit-là. (à propos de l'élection de Tony Blair)
The first New Grave PM more like. He IS the New Seriousness.
I trust I can rely on your vote
Ça parle d'être libéré, d'aller plus loin que le chant funèbre, ils se foutent tous de notre gueule, mais je ris déjà. D'un autre côté, je sais que je peux compter sur votre voix.
I spent a lot of time trying not to do voices like mine. The voices on Karma Police, Paranoid Android and Climbing up the Walls are all different personas. I think Lucky, the lyric and the way it's sung, is really positive, really exciting. No Surprises is someone who's trying hard to keep it together but can't. Electioneering is a preacher ranting in front of a bank of microphones.
Ça parle de prêcher à travers un microphone.

Il compare un politicien vendant la plate-forme électorale de son partie à un groupe qui fait des concerts pour vendre un album...

When you have to promote your album for a longer period, in the United States for example, you fly around from city to city for weeks to meet journalists and record company people. After a while you feel like a politician who has to kiss babies and shake hands all day long.
I was thinking of the Poll Tax riots when I wrote this - the moment when the horses broke through the barriers and everyone started smashing windows. It's also from watching too many MPs on telly - you just get that feeling of , Whoah, I've seen this once too many times.
Select, juillet 1997
heard a great story on the six o'clock news on R4. great in the sense that it reveals the true madness of one of our former prime ministers......the pm in question is of course maggie thatcher. ok.............so the spanish foreign minister was reported as saying today that 'lady' thatcher should undergo the same senility tests that senator 'butcher' pinochet underwent a couple of weeks ago. this was triggered by a particular event from last week; the aforementioned butcher of chile was being wisked away by a chilean airforce 707........the plane was apparently taxiing down the runway preparing to take-off when with great ceremony it was stopped in its tracks by a bearer of gifts from thatch herself. she wanted to give a 'leaving' present to the ex-dictator.......the gift in question was a plate commemorating sir francis drake and the english fleets' defeat of the spanish armada.........unbelievable.............or maybe not so, as it's entirely consistent with the train of thought that she's a pathetic anglophile, who never gave a fuck about the rights of individual human beings. and don't believe that bullshit that during the falklands war she went to the aid of the islanders..........nothing like a war to get a country behind you should you be faltering in opinion polls and likely to lose the next election. [...]
journal, 7 mars 2000
[...]....................might throw it in there myself to stir things up a bit.....the running order for an album is so important...... i don't think you have any idea how vital it is until you actually fuck it up which we did big time on the first record.....for 'OK Computer' it was a nightmare, agendas had been set and at one time it was like bloody horse-trading............. "if you want 'let down' on the record then it only makes sense if 'electioneering' is on there too"......maybe it won't be such a torrid experience this time........somehow i don't think so and that's probably right anyway.
journal, 16 avril 2000
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