phil est vivant !
état-civil Philip James Selway est né le 23 mai 1967 à Hemingford Grey.
instruments Batterie et tuba.
éducation Abingdon school; Anglais et Histoire à l'École Polytechnique de Liverpool.
petits boulots Petits groupes de fosse pour comédies musicales itinérantes; secrétaire dans une maison d'édition;
TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language), ie prof d'Anglais pour les étrangers.
le pire de tous Tidying the perimeter fence of an industrial waste tip.
mots clés Calme, chauve, et, ajoute-t-il, sensuel et bien habillé.
ce qui a influencé sa vie la chance, essentiellement
Qu'est-ce que tu voulais être quand tu étais petit ? Older
Qu'est-ce que tu voudrais être dans une nouvelle vie ? No idea - sorry.
il aime être remarqué, le poisson, le vodka-tonic.
il n'aime pas être assis au fond de la scène, dans une relative obscurité
décris-toi Man of few words
décris les autres Jonny, Collin, Ed, Thom : Men of too many
Si Radiohead était une famille, tu serais ... ? The social worker assigned to observe & counsel them.
pourquoi la musique ? Crime and religion weren't big in my neighbourhood.
pourquoi la batterie ? Too many guitarists in Radiohead, already.
premier album acheté The Early Years of The Beatles à huit ans.
albums préférés adolescent velvet underground and nico
transformer - lou reed
unknown pleasures - joy division
low - david bowie
anything by the beat, the ruts etc.
il a écouté aussi Teenage Fanclub, Tricky, Supergrass, Captain Beefheart...
dans son autoradio en janvier 2000 buena vista social club - ibrahim ferrer
music has the right - boards of canada
sandy - sandy denny
100% Dynamite (compilation)
various incomplete tracks - radiohead
albums préférés de 2000 (Spin) 1. CLINIC, INTERNAL WRANGLER: i've not bought many new records this year but i have heard some great music. clinic are proof of this.
2. ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, COMMUNITY MUSIC: one of the most powerful live acts i've seen. i usually cringe when bands take such an overtly political stance, but not in this case.
3. LAIKA, GOOD LOOKING BLUES: we had the great pleasure of touring with laika this summer. this album has some of the most mesmerizing grooves i've heard all year.
4. BJÖRK, SELMASONGS: björk's music never ceases to fascinate me. the appearance of thom on this record has in no way influenced my choice.
5. PJ HARVEY, SONGS FROM THE CITY, TALES FROM THE SEA: oops -- thom again. oh well, he has worked with some great people this past year. bastard.
batteurs préférés Stewart Copeland, Pete Thomas, Steve White, Jimmy Chamberlain, Charie Watts
musiciens préférés Paul Weller, John Lennon, Thom Yorke, Ed O'Brien, Jonny & Colin Greenwood - Basically anyone who writes / has written brilliant songs.
chanson préférée My Iron Lung
homme idéal John Malkovich, Richard Madeley (UK chat show host)
femme idéale Cait Morrison, Judy Finnigan (co-host & wife of above)
livres préférés Becoming a Man (Paul Monet), Waterland (Graham Swift)
films préférés Shenandoah, Being There, Breakfast at Tiffany's
notes Appelé Mad Dog pour ses bonnes manières; le groupe affirme calmer les ingénieurs et producteurs en leur disant de faire gaffe à son tempérament;
marié à Cate; un enfant.
Tu sais combien coûte un billet de concert ? It's farcial that people pay to see us anyway - so too much, whatever the price.
épisode amusant de sa carrière Being mistaken for the bus driver by two Radiohead fans after a show in the states. They asked if I could get the band's autographs for them, or maybe even introduce them.
une blague ? C'est un oiseau sur une perche qui dit : 'ça sent le poisson, par ici...'
Ahem. Merci à Maylis de nous avoir confirmé ce qu'on pensait : elle est pas terrible...
un message à tes fans japonais ? I'm the drummer & I'm at the back. Watch me - nobody else does.
matériel | fanclub

ex-Take That Mark Owen?
He asked us where our last single went in the chart and when I didn't know, he looked at me like I was really weird.

Isn't it nice to read the reviews and the cover stories you always dreamt about? Yeah, but you dream about good pictures of yourselves as well.

My advice is that if you're in a band and you feel is good, stick with it and work at it, because basically what we've done is kept a school band together for years with nothing happening--until recently.

DJ Shadow has inspired me. How that man pastes rhythms to each other. The end result sounds a lot different than we intended by the way.

It can be an exiting and fast way of working. Just throw a load of your drumming on tape and spice it up. I suppose some people would think that i was a bit of a cheat, but what's a cheat if you can respond emotionally and it's good music?

Drum machine?
It was of those Dr. Rhythm things, which always stalls after around ten bars. Of course, you get a drummer and he stalls after eleven bars.

I draw my drum parts mainly from Thom; he's got a very good sense of rhythm.

My reflex action is to stick my tongue out - not in a Gene Simmons, foot on the monitor way, but in a having difficulty with tricky arithmetic type way. Consequently, I have a saliva rash on my lower lip when I come offstage.

fan club?
It's really touching. They only do it beacuse they don't like anyone to feel left out. We had dinner, they all gave me little presents, and then we played party games.

Select: How does your head respond to bus life?
Phil: As long as there aren't too many people on there, it's OK. But there's a bug going round at the moment. You can see illness rearing it's head two days before. They're also pretty timeless places, buses. You can sleep for ten hours and feel like you've only been on there for two. it's a very lethargic environment.

Select: Is being cut off from the outside world a pleasurable experience?
Phil: When you're back at home, there are an awful lot of domestic mattes to deal with, and when you're on tour you're removed from those. But if there's someone at home actually dealing with them for you, it sends you on a guilt trip. We're all aware of what a mess we leave behind us.

Select: How did you feel about Radio One's fondness for Paranoid Android?
Phil: That was very bizarre at the time. But I think the most bizarre time was this lat UK tour - going back and trying to gauge how people's perception of the bad had changed. We were away in the States for five or six weeks, but the UK had suddenly leapt ahead. I actually found it quite frightening.

Select: You're making music which is very artistically ambitious and, at the same time, extremeley successful. That's a privileged position, isn't it?
Phil: Yes. For the whole year when we were recording OK Computer, we were incredibly privileged. The record company visited us twice, and they were short visits. Just being given that trust, it's our ideal position. And I think people are very envious of our position at the moment. OK Computer is only our third album - and that kind of treatment is usually given to bands with much more experience, isn't it?


Colin : We were all scared of Phil. He was in the class ahead of us, and he was in this band called Jungle Telegraph, so we knew him as 'The Graf'. We weren't old enough and not in with his crowd.