Colin qui bouge !
état-civil Colin Charles Greenwood est né le 26 juin 1969 à Oxford.
instruments Guitare basse, de temps en temps basse au clavier; grelots au début d'Airbag (il a horreur de ça); claves au début de Paranoid Android. Synthé occasionnel.
éducation Abingdon school, dans la même classe que Thom; Littérature anglaise à l'Université de Cambridge.
parcours Vendeur à Peterhouse, Cambridge, et à Our Price, Oxford.
mots clés Drôle, bavard, grand lecteur, conducteur récent.
influences Talking Heads, The Fall, REM, Tom Waits...
il écoute Ennio Morricone, Prince Buster, Lee Scratch Perry, de la soul et du rhythm & blues
albums préférés de 2000 (Spin) 1. SND, TRAVELOG
2. MAGNETIC FIELDS, 69 LOVE SONGS (technically 99)
3. LALI PUNA, TRIDECODER: rapariga de banheira!
il lit/regarde Les Ailes du Désir, Bullet Park, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, Perdido, Le Liseur de Bernhard Schlink...
il aime les fraises
il n'aime pas la question "si vous étiez un milkshake, vous seriez quel parfum ?"
influences Madonna, The Pointer Sisters.
Notes Aussi connu sous le nom de Coz. Parle beaucoup. Souffre d'insomnie à cause de l'esprit hyper-actif dont sont dotées les personnes très intelligentes. Colin used to wear berets and catsuits whilst Thom wore frilly shirts and crushed velvet dinner suits.
Vas-y Colin, raconte-nous une histoire Adam est dans le Jardin d'Eden, et Dieu lui dit : 'Adam, j'ai une bonne et une mauvaise nouvelle. La bonne nouvelle est que je vais te donner deux organes merveilleux : un cerveau, avec lequel tu pourras penser à des concepts magnifiques, communiquer avec d'autres gens et apprécier la nature. Et je vais aussi te donner une bite, pour que tu puisse apprécier les sensations physiques les plus agréables, avoir des relations sexuelles et te multiplier.' Et Adam dit : 'Ca a l'air bien, quelle est la mauvaise nouvelle ?' Et Dieu répond : 'Je vais te donner juste assez de sang pour n'en utiliser qu'un seul à la fois !' Ha ha ha !!... C'est pour les femmes, vraiment.
une autre ! I know one! How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas?... He felt his presents! There that was funny... You didn't just laugh to be polite, did you?
matériel | fanclub

What I really hated about Britpop was all that tiresome irony. As if bands shouldn't be serious things.

Some friends of mine were searched by British anti-terrorist police who were Radiohead fans. This was in London about a month ago after the IRA bomb. They were in another band and the policeman goes, 'have you heard of Radiohead? They're my favorite group!...' with their machine guns. It appeals to a lot of people.

I mean, I'm in a band, we're reasonably successful, I've got a very nice suit - I'm not even a bad person - so why can't I get a shag?

We do have a bit of a reputation of being naughty slappers of the road who'll go with anybody. The old whores that we are!

Occasionally I play the music for my mother when she demands to hear it and she always just says, 'Who is that singing? I don't like the singing.' And then she says 'Who's doing all that bumpety-bump noise?' It's all noise backing up horrible singing as far as she's concerned. She's not a show-biz mother.

première partie d'Alanis Morissette ?
Luckily, those fans were all in their teens, so with the trauma of adolescence and stuff, they'll forget about it. It was the Ronnie Corbett moment in the set. Time to go to the toilet.

96 Brits?
Yes, we were all there and we're never going again because it was a travesty and a farce and full of obnoxious, drug-taking, alcohol-swilling, corporate pigs.

I´ve been doing, like, three interviews a day. I feel like the mister vacuum brain bimbo at the moment, haircare techniques...

I tend to play better in the studio, no pressures, just sheer volume and alcohol.

le passage à l'an 2000 ?
I think it's just going to be one big party...

This is Colin 4 a.m. He pulls a face, slurps morsely at his wine, and gestures for a light. Someone holds a candle across the table, and drips molten wax on his trousers. Oh! My trousers! Fuck! - this is how you should think of Radiohead (Melody Maker, 10 juin 1995)

Select: Just to provide some flavour of Radiohead road life - what did you do last night after coming offstage?
Colin: I spent a very cold hour trying to get onto AOL to pick and send e-mail. That's all we've got on the bus - there's no surfing. Trying to get a good connection in Italy is hard enough although the Italians use a lot of fax machines because the postal service isn't very good. Then I was just trying to keep warm and wondering who was going to bring out the German copy of Playboy on the bus. Nobody did.

Select: The 'studio' at the back of the bus has a sampler and sequencer with it. Will that be reflected in the finished music?
Colin: What? Technology? No!! Well, yes. We've got samplers but we use guitars. God, I'm starting to sound like Pop Will Eat Itself. They've popped up in Bentley Rhythm Ace, haven't they? Sorry, I'm digressing. Anyway, after the show... they do these little cans of Guinness over here. They're quite sweet. I'll have one of those after the show. I'm getting less 'rock 'n' roll' as the tour goes on.

Select: Are you difficult to live with after you get home from a tour?
Colin: The old decompression thing? I suffer from it a bit. But I don't have anyone to live with when I get home. I don't inflict myself on anyone. I just bounce around my own rubber walls. To my heart's content. (returning to previous question) But I like this side of it, on the whole. Your day starts at four. All you have to think about is playing, eating and washing. It's fantastic. (digressing wildly) I remember getting of the bus once completely wrecked and walking into a service station in America last year, with five kinds of Police in the car park. I went in to buy Doritos and Häagen Dazs for the munchies. I got the fear straight away.

Select: You've been interviewed to death this year. How have the generic questions changed?
Colin: We still get, "Did you find it hard to write the follow-up to Creep?". And some journalists think we recorded Pablo Honey then OK Computer, which is a huge artistic leap. The archetypical question about this album is, 'Why did you call it that?' They are very inane, but that's alright. It's not like the songs are being sung in their language. We understand.

Select: Have you ever bought one of your own records?
Colin: No. We weren't allowed to. We all walked into a record shop in Nottingham the day the first single, the Drill EP came out. We walked in like 'Mmmmm, I'll buy one of those'. The guy behind the counter said 'Don't worry man, I'll give you one'. We said 'NO!!, we really want to buy one'. He said 'Look, your record company's just given us 20 free ones and we can't shift 'em, not even for 99p, so you might as well have a free one'. We were very depressed.

Select: What should Oasis do next?
Colin: Good question. More focus on the bass player. He's the saviour in their camp, if they only realised. And I'd like to see a Belle and Sebastain/Oasis collaboration. Oasis' sensitivity mixing with Belle and Sebastian's full ahead rock. I'm sure it'd worked beautifully!!!!!


Ed: Here's a tip: don't believe a thing he says.

Thom: He's very strong-minded and astute.

Thom: He has downloaded a library.

Thom: Colin's great at talking to people when no one else will. He's our secret weapon. We wheel him out and he just doesn't shut up for half an hour.